Internship Presentation – 2018

Presentation of French Internship Students

This is the first presentation of French internship students in 2018. The project is about the application to connect and interative between employees and the HR department.
Training for entry level employees and internship students has been considered a strategic activity of BHSoft. Each year, we welcome IT students from not only Vietnam but also from other countries. So far, BHSoft has provided successful training. We provides a number of internship students in Vietnamese and more than ten students from France and Germany. The students came here to learn, and gain knowledge not limited to web and mobile programming. During their internship, students joined IT projects which are suitable to their abilities, skills, and interests. Dominique Fiume, an internship student in 2018, appreciated his time at BHSoft. He joined HRConnect project. And he has made progress in web programming and project management skills.

As usual, BHTech always offers internship program for Vietnamese Students and International Students. You are all welcome. Please email to for further information or join our website

Photos of Dominique Fiume’s presentation: