BHSoft’s Internship – 2018

BHSoft's Internship

BHSoft is proud to be of a professional company in which many international students have been coming. They came from France (Lyon 1, ESEO) and Germany (Stuttgart) for their internship. The students prepared, studied and worked on their projects with instruction from BHSoft. In our company, our students had a good opportunity to learn new technologies, methods, or join in tasks and work on the projects with hands-on experience. Within 2-3 months in BHSoft, the students shall accustom to project tools and teamwork.

It is not fair if we forgot Vietnamese students in our team. BHSoft always opens to Vietnamese students from local universities to join our team. The number of internship students working in BHSoft has been increased continuously through the years.

Current internship areas, but not limit to:

  1. Mobile Apps: iOS –Swift, Hybrid Apps React Native
  2. Business Solutions: NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB
  3. Engineering Software: C/C++, ThreeJS, 3D Visualization
  4. System & Network: Windows & Linux, Docker, DevOp
  5. Marketing: Online Marketing Officer

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