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Hiring offshore developers can save you up to 78% of your project costs – Here’s how to find the right offshore talent in 2021 (Guest Article).

This week we have a guest article from DevHero. DevHero is an Australian technology company with high-quality engineering talent.

Hiring offshore developers, in the right place, at the right time.

A hiring manager’s dream!

However, pulling those rich ingredients together has never been more challenging.

According to CodinGame’s latest developer survey, 61% of HR professionals reported that finding qualified developers was their biggest recruitment challenge of 2021.

DevHero - hiring quality offshore developers

 So how do you go about securing the right offshore talent in 2021?

A pandemic-fuelled supply shortage

The pandemic has created a perfect storm for technology services, forcing ‘digital transformation’ to the top of every business leader’s agenda.

 Decades worth of technology adoption and disruption have been squeezed into one highly turbulent year.

As a result, the demand for tech talent has never been higher and organisations are struggling to find the people with the skills required to digitise operations. 

With the stakes so high, existing, top performing developers are also jumping ship, enticed by more lucrative offers and employment benefits.

Attracting and retaining tech talent has become a competitive sport. 

There’s a global War for Talent, it’s real and here to stay.

In Australia, the skills shortage has been further exacerbated by border closures and tight visa laws adding to the increased demand for digital and technology services and driving wages in the tech sector to new all-time highs.

It’s a dire picture if you’re looking for experienced software developers, however the rise of distributed teams and increased connectivity means global access to tech talent is more readily available, if you know where to look.

The rise of distributed teams

If you’re scaling your software project, it’s important to determine what the ideal software development team looks like and how to optimise the deployment of skills to maximise your success. 

DevHero - blended workforce for offshore developers


The five workplace disruptors diagram

 According to Joseph Fuller, a professor of management practice and co-lead at Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work initiative, “the most successful companies will be those that adopt what we call an on-demand workforce model, one that blends talent sourced externally and employed temporarily with full-time workers. Such a model offers the prospect of achieving every manager’s goal of putting the right talent on the right project at the right time.”

On a positive note, the pandemic has done wonders to highlight the advantages of this new, distributed, blended workforce model.

It has showcased that the model that works highly effectively for technology and software development teams looking to scale fast, reduce cost and work flexibly by hiring only the talent they need, when and as they need it.

The blended model is defined as a workforce that integrates a wide range of talent sources, including full-time onshore project managers, product managers and developers with offshore or nearshore outsourced developers.

The secret source

DevHero’s tried and tested offshore developers have saved clients up to 78% of their project costs, however, sourcing the right developers and development teams at the right time is critical to achieving this success. 

Staff augmentation is, in our view, the most effective strategy when it comes to project delivery. By complimenting your onshore development team with experienced offshore developers you benefit from:

  • Flexibility – hiring offshore developers allows you to address single points of failure and ensure higher levels of project continuity by filling narrow knowledge or talent gaps;
  • Expertise – DevHero’s global talent pool opens up a world of tech talent from a wide range of tried and tested sources providing you with access to highly skilled talent on demand;
  • Speed – a blended workforce gives you a competitive advantage by helping you get to market sooner;
  • Cost – hiring offshore developers with experience in similar Australian based technology projects can reduce project costs by up to 78%; and
  • Innovation – the wide range of expertise available means access to the latest technologies across multiple disciplines creating new opportunities to explore innovation throughout the product development lifecycle.  

Consider the hurdles 

For all the benefits listed above, the adoption of external talent isn’t without its hurdles. The following should be considered when looking to hire offshore developers to ensure accuracy in the hiring process:

  • Quality – sourcing qualified talent is essential, a difficult task in a tightly constrained market such as this one. Care should be taken in the recruitment process to ensure the right talent is acquired for the project;
  • Communication – Given Australia’s rather isolated geographic location DevHero is focused on providing nearshore developer resources which allows for effective communication within similar time zones, a critical factor for successful project delivery;  
  • Process – adding external talent to your team needs a defined process, even experienced offshore developers need structure and direction in order to produce optimal results;
  • Speed – DevHero introduces you to your best-fit offshore team typically within 24 hours, however the velocity of the project is often impacted by the first interaction. We highly recommend creating a seamless onboarding procedure for new offshore team members; and
  • Culture – culture-fit is super important, both the culture of the development agency and the culture of your organisation should complement each other to ensure cultural alignment. Devhero rigorously vets our agency partners to ensure a culture fit that matches as closely as possible to a broad range of Australian organisational cultural standards. 

Choosing the right avenue for offshore talent

When searching for the ideal software development team, a number of avenues arise. To source the right offshore developers for your software project you should consider your time cost as it relates to your involvement in the recruitment process and weigh this alongside the potential downside risk associated with hiring the wrong talent. 

Your ideal offshore developers could be found through:

  • Word of mouth – you could seek referrals for qualified offshore from your personal or business network;
  • Utilising a trusted introduction service – you can engage DevHero to do the heavy lifting for you. For a small fee you can be connected to a tried and tested, specialised offshore developer network with proven experience delivering similar software development projects for Australian businesses;
  • Freelancer marketplaces – search the various freelancer marketplaces and vet individual talent directly; and
  • Social media groups – search social media platforms for groups dedicated to discussing technology projects, ask to join, get accepted and request a referral or support from the group.

Projections for the developer talent landscape

Hiring developers is tricky business in 2021, it’s a competitive landscape and the outlook for supply doesn’t look particularly positive, however the move towards a distributed workforce has created a culture of flexibility and cross-border collaboration.

The new future workforce is dynamic and incorporates onshore and offshore resources to deliver the best results for a project by onboarding the right resources in the right place, at the right time.

At DevHero we’re helping Australian businesses connect with the right offshore and nearshore developers and development teams and we’ve been in the game for years. 

Our mission is to level the playing field by providing easy access to a rich global talent pool of experienced, tried and tested developers to ensure your software project has maximum success. 

If you’re looking to scale your team or expand your development capabilities, an augmented staffing model combining onshore and offshore talent is an excellent way to get results. 

We can help take the pain out of finding the right talent. Get in touch with the team at DevHero today.


Nguyen Bao Ngoc