Happy Hour every Wednesday


At BHSoft, we always remember to work hard and play hard. That’s the reason why we organise Happy Hour every Wednesday in purpose of strengthening team building as well as enhancing company culture in a fun yet effective way.

Happy Hour is an event where team members have chance to bond, communicate with each other and get to know new colleagues. Happy Hour reminds everyone in the company that we are working alongside real people, not just usernames on Slack. Thus, connecting and sharing is a must to improve team building. We come up with a different and attracting activity every week. And everyone feels intrigued enough to participate in instead of forcing people to join. This week, we played Pictionary. We were all together and had cakes, fruit and kinds of treat. When the game started, all team members were active and excited to compete. Fun atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy. Everybody feel loosened up and relaxed after hard working hours.

The best things happens in person. To spark conversation, people need face-to-face interaction. And interaction is the key in team building. It helps people to learn about each other, come together as a team and combine their skills to bring out better work result. Without team building activities, unresolved conflicts, low productivity and hindrance from communicating could totally happen. Good team building not only  encourages company values but also helps to unite people. We all know how important unity is in making success.



At BHSoft, we build up a healthy and supporting working environment in which everyone  is open to share opinions and discover each other’s passion, collaborating better in work. We also put an emphasis on employees’ mentality balance between work and life. It is very crucial in sustaining good attitude and motivating work performance. No one needs to put on work face and everyone can enjoy while working at the same time.


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