Happy Birthday – July 2017

Happy Birthday – July 2017

Afternoon tea birthday parties for BHSoft’s members, whose birth date is in the month, are usually arranged in the second week. This is our regular internal activity. The birthday party in July, 2017 was not as usual as it was held in a very special and memorable manner at home of BHSoft member in Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen.
This July with BHSoft was special as … the largest number of staffs and leaders with their birthday in the month. And the only lady as a programmer and an attractive gentle man in BHSoft were born in July. The company’s members had really happy moment, relaxed and were comfortable in a place with tranquil, fresh and greenish space. This was also a good opportunity for chatting and thought and idea sharing.

BHSoft wishes our members with birthdays in July Good Health, Happiness, Success and always be jigsaw puzzle of BHSoft’s perfect picture.

The nice pictures are shown as follows:

Birthday party









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