BHSoft’s capacity of GIS Open Source

BHSoft’s capacity in GIS Open Source – Web Map View

After few years, BHSoft was familiar with GIS – Web Map View open source solution.There are big projects related to facility and access management. Those projects have been deployed and using in several cities. We are recognized that only few cities are ready to use with and pay for an expensive GIS solution. The others are not ready to go with full solution of GIS as it is not only expensive but also unready of layers’ data. In order to provide a full GIS solution, they need spending a lot of time and money to collect data and organize it in GIS solution.

We have been discussing with other local authorities and private enterprises. They consider of a new GIS solution in order to find suitable roadmap. We found that those local authorities may have much data and information as input to GIS solution. Moreover, those data do not fully cover any sociability and administrative levels. Alternatively, they offer maps in papers, captured from satellite for a long time. Such maps have not been updated recently… and now when we combine those portions of data with any kind of public maps, there is a big gap which is not easy to solve.

We are a software solution and development company in Vietnam. We have our expertise and knowledge to develop GIS – open source solution to market. We have experience to deliver oversea projects with many clients from Finland, Germany, Singapore, US and Japan. We make sure that we can solve all lacking portions of GIS solution that local authorities may need. We can develop and integrate the solution with all kind of current data that local authorities may have such as example, Locations of labels, traffic lamps, street trees, roads/streets, telephone/electric lines, parking areas, green parks…. Especially, if the local authorities own the data of underground objects such as water/gas/electric pipelines, we are able to integrate and manage in the same place.

In the next note, we shall discuss on BIM – Building Information Modelling, a new trend and the movement for the combination with GIS.

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