Docker – Software Container Platform

What is Docker?

Docker is a software container platform (build agent) which is usually used by developers in BHTech to eliminate “work on my machine” problems nowadays when collaborating on code with co-workers. Enterprises use Docker to create agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster and more securely for all server’s operating system.

Why Docker?

The questions are if Docker’s features are similar to Virtual Machines systems and why we have to use Docker instead of Virtual Machines

To answer these questions, please have a look at Docker’s containerizing method. Docker will containerize the development/production environment to a single container which is easy to build and transfer from a device to another with the minimum configurations and efforts. Otherwise, with Virtual Machine, that process will take much time to configure and efforts.

Let’s imagine that you have 30 projects needed to be deployed. With Docker, you can run them all on a single operating system. On the other hand, to run 30 projects by virtual machines, you have got to boot 30 operating systems with at least minimum resource requirement available before factoring the hyper visor for them to run on with the base OS.

Just assuming you’re going to go with a minimum 256M VM and you’d be looking at 7.5G of RAM with 30 different OS kernels managing resources. With Docker, you could allocate a chunk of RAM to one VM and have a single OS managing those competing resources… And you could do all of that on the base operating system without a necessary costly hyper visor.

Solutions we provide

Since the beginning of 2017, our R&D team has successfully deployed many products with Docker, from PHP – APACHE, NGINX, MySQL, Postgres to NodeJS, C#, MongoDB … applications on many operating systems like Ubuntu (desktop & server), Windows server, Mac OS,…

We also provide Docker’s Containers Management tool with friendly UI & UX so customers can easily manage applications built by Docker on their servers without knowledge about Docker or contacting maintainer.

Docker - Software Container Platform

We are using Docker’s built-in feature that calls Docker Compose to minimize the efforts of building & running applications so with only one server, you can run up to 20 – 30 applications (this will depend on the projects and your server) smoothly.

You can go to our demo sites to take a look at our sample projects running by Docker on a single server.

– Minhvb