Official Visit of Applied Technology

We are pleased to present our valuable customer named Applied Technology Co., Ltd (AT).  AT provides manufacturing solutions to manufacturing industry, developing various automatic design systems based on CAD, developing structural analysis and integration system for construction and civil engineering fields, providing environmental evaluation simulation and GIS asset management solution.
This Japanese firm with two main offices in Osaka and Tokyo has reached us since May 2018. Since then, BHSoft has cooperated with Applied Technology in 3 projects: Crane Simulation, Labs 4DSimulation and Google Map UI Draw Tool, all of which involve BIM (Building Information Modelling, 3D modelling and GIS (Geographic Information System).

In Crane Simulation and Labs 4DSimulation project, the goal was to build a Web Front-end and Server in order to display 3D models of constructions and objects on web page with Forge view. Prominent technologies utilized were Autodesk open source code (React and Redux), Three.js and MongoDB.

The purpose of Google Map UI Draw Tool was to schedule, plan and draw guidelines on Google maps to prevent and rescue in case of natural disaster. Main technologies were Java Spring, PostgreSQL, html/css, JQuery and Google map API. The drawing tool allows users to customize Google Maps view. Data from server will display on google map and user could draw and edit directly on map with drawing tool. Results will be saved in database (PostgreSQL) and has the ability to re-display.

Our projects were delivered on time at all. Their outcomes were satisfactory to our customers. In every customer visit, BHSoft always offer the best treatment to our valued clients to show our hospitality as well as our devotion we are in working to bring out the final products. Customers shall examine directly our working process in our office and discuss with us any issue at hand. We hope to keep up our good relationship with our valuable customer – Applied Technology Ltd and once again, welcome to visit us.