What is Business Analysis?

Hello all, I am Linh – the first Business Analysis in BHSoft – a Vietnam Software Development, this is my first time to work on this position too, many things to learn and responsibilities to take. Thus, the big question is: What Business Analyst is? And what is the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst (BA) in an organization?

Beside those questions, the answer based on my knowledge below could help you understand more about it.

What is Business Analyst?

Base on my understanding, BA is a person who runs the below workflow:

Business analyst Concept:

To be successful in business, there are many obstacles which need coping up with. There may be a problem about the company structure, the management system, sale system, etc… They will spend a lot of resources to resolve it, and when they overcome those obstacles, they will get benefits. Therefore, those obstacles and problems could be called: Business Objective.

With the Business Objective, customer come to BA to ask for solution. And so, BA will start the process by deeply understand the needs and the requirements during working with Stakeholders to find the best Solutions for the problem. Of course, the solution must satisfy all requirement of Stakeholders.

Then, BA will return to his normal position to work with his team to find out the solution, and this period is called Transition. The outcome of this period could be a product, a software, an application, or a solution, … And it must always satisfy the Business Objective.

We can use an example that BHSoft just met a new customer last weekend. His Business Objective is to make a connection between members among learning community, provide information and interactions for members directly on their own smart phone. BA will take responsibility to research the customer requirement then provide solution for a mobile application with related technologies to resolve the customer demands.

What skill do they require as a Business Analyst?

Base on BABOK ver3.0, IT Business Analyst will process by 6 roles below:

  • Business Requirement Analyst: The person with this role will regularly provide the solutions right from the beginning with customers. The solution could be various: upgrade company policy, upgrade the workflow or training process for employees, etc… After having found the best solution which could be proposed to apply to software, system. For that reason, to take this role, he should be also a Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst or Principle Business Analyst who has experiences and knowledge in business works. This role is always needed during the Pre-sales period. They will receive the issues, business requirements, then they will analyze the whole scenario and propose a convenience solution.
  • System Analyst: This is the role for technical expert in the team – who has experiences and knowledge on the system and system architecture.
  • Business System Analyst: This the main role of BA. In this role. they will have below missions:
    • Receive and elicit information from the stakeholders about functions and requirements of the project.
    • Document Preparation: BA must prepare many kinds of document, each document for different stakeholder.
    • Information Transfer: BA will make sure the information was transferred to right team, stakeholders and deployment team.
    • Solution Founder: BA always thinks about solutions for problems from internal team to customer.
  • Functional Analyst: This role is like Business System Analyst. But the difference is that he will work on a product or platform which already exists. Then BA will find out solution to configure or customize that product to match customer’s requirement.
  • Agile Analyst: This role will ensure to deliver information exactly with convenient details to different stakeholders on right time. “Ensure the right info, with the right level and at the right time”
  • Service Request Analyst: This role will appear during the Transition period. Their job is to train for end-users, to prepare the User Acceptance Test (UAT), to resolve bugs or to receive more requirements from customer.

However, you may think that BA may have that 6 different roles and each person will take only one role, but it’s not. In fact, a person in BA position will take multi-roles at same time.

In general, BA is not a new job in the business world, but in Vietnam and especially in BHSoft, is a new job with many challenges. But with vision to make a small thing become great, a good becomes better, BHSoft hopes this position will help the customer have much more satisfactions in their services.


-Linh Nguyen-