In this blog post, BHSoft will announce BHSoft policy to fight Covid-19 pandemic is causing great loss to a huge number of firms in the market, forcing them to downsize, close branch or even go bankrupt.

We know this scenario has affected lots of our customers. Therefore, as your reliable partner, we find the need to help you feel relieved and save you from losing sleep because of worrying.

At BHSoft, we are doing our best to ensure work quality. Honestly, BHSoft has long been digitally ready for this kind of situation. With years of expertise as an outsourcing company, we have always embraced the power of remote working. We have always been flexible and we are super good at keeping in touch with our clients despite time zone difference.

However in such a sensitive circumstance like this, BHSoft would like to put emphasis on enforcing our standards, transparency, regulation to optimize for efficiency. Here is BHSoft policy to fight Covid-19 in details:

To BHSoft members who work remotely,

  • We make sure everybody has the right access to all the right tools to be able to work properly from home.
  • All managers closely monitor work performance of team members, supervise the development process as well as double check work result.
  • All members are more aware of keeping in touch more effectively and manage time more efficiently.

To all members of BHSoft,

  • Everyone raises high consciousness about the situation and makes great effort to keep up work productivity.
  • All employees stay well-informed with all valid source of information.
  • Everybody needs to stay focused, confident and empowered to keep good communication with customers, offering solution, supporting and sharing to help customers overcome any difficulties.

We are all in this together and we shall overcome any obstacles giving the ultimate effort from our heart and our brain.

Tran Vu Viet Anh
Managing director 

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