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BHSOFT year end party 2020

BHSOFT Year-End Party 2020

Even though Covid-19 has posed significant challenges for economic growth this year, the Year End Party is still a special occasion to celebrate the progress we have made in such a difficult situation.  

After a whole year of hard work, all company members have been eagerly waiting for this big event. A memorable party takes a lot of effort to prepare and plan in detail. Luckily, BHSOFT has the HAPPY HOUR team to take care of everything and successfully arranged the best year-end party ever for all of BHSOFT members. 

The Purpose 

As usual, the purpose of the Year End Party is to enhance social interaction among company members, to reward all of employees for their hard work as well as to specially thank valued members of BHSOFT. 

Team Building Activities

Under the unique circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, employee health and safety is prioritized. We managed to hold our Year End Party at HES Education station, far from the crowded city and close to beautiful nature.

All members had the chance to enjoy multiple interesting team building activities including soccer, partner unites, dancing to the music, float tube carrying, and blind-folded color ball picking contest. Everybody was enthusiastic and excited to participate. The sound of laughter filled the air.

After that, everybody gathered and had lunch together. In the afternoon, we held the annual meeting of “the year 2020 in review”. During the meeting, each team came up to the stage to present their progress as well as to recognize the special contribution of those who made it all possible during the tough time. 

The year-end party of 2020 has marked a significant milestone of BHSOFT getting through the pandemic and still earned successes while keeping the goals and missions of the company. 

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Beautiful moments filled with laughter 

BHSOFT year end party 2020


Nguyen Bao Ngoc