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Hiring offshore developers can save you up to 78% of your project costs – Here’s how to find the right offshore talent in 2021 (Guest Article).

This week we have a guest article from DevHero. DevHero is an Australian technology company with high-quality engineering talent. Hiring offshore developers, in the right place, at the right time. A hiring manager’s dream! However, pulling those rich ingredients together has never been more challenging. According to CodinGame’s latest developer survey, 61% of HR professionals reported that finding qualified developers was their biggest recruitment challenge of 2021.  So how do you go about securing the right offshore talent in 2021? A pandemic-fuelled supply shortage The pandemic has created a perfect storm for technology services, forcing ‘digital transformation’ to the top of every business leader’s agenda.  Decades worth of technology adoption and disruption have […]

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How Microsoft Azure Integration Services benefit application development

Nowadays, cloud solution is a hot trend due to the high demand for fast services and application delivery. Cloud solutions benefit businesses in many ways but one of the most significant advantages is integration solutions that connect multiple independent systems/ applications in the cloud without having to sacrifice the scalability and consistency of the application. The most popular cloud service platforms in the market right now are AWS and Microsoft Azure.  In our new blog post, BHSOFT will help you understand more about Microsoft Azure and how we utilize it in our client projects. What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure is the most successful public cloud offering of Microsoft. It […]

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BHSOFT built an ATS for Bluebox

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or E-hiring software is a great way to automate your hiring process through better sourcing, streamlined workflows, and customizable functionalities like career sites, job board distribution, candidate communications. etc.   An ATS can help recruiters to accelerate their hiring process. At BHSOFT, we have our own ATS solution, however, we also offer to build customizable ATS software for our clients.  ATS system Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software provides recruiting and hiring tools for companies. The system keeps track of all resumes in one place, helping recruiters and hiring managers to stay organized and save time. An ATS helps: Recruitment agencies shortlist and highlight top candidates Job […]

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Leaflet for map BHSOFT

How BHSOFT utilizes Leaflet for map projects

Leaflet for map projects When it comes to working with maps, simplicity, comprehensiveness, and adaptability are the key components. That is when Leaflet library comes in handy. Leaflet is known for being one of the leading JavaScript map libraries. It is open-source, mobile-friendly, and highly adaptable. At BHSOFT, Leaflet is one of our favorite tools to build maps for our clients, besides OpenLayers and Mapbox. We offer 2D and 3D GIS solutions to a variety of companies. Our team is capable of transforming and mashing up multiple data sources to create lively and brilliant maps that work well on both desktop and mobile platforms. In this article, we will together […]

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How BHSOFT built a Healthcare App with Flutter

It is undeniable that cross-platform app development is in its prime in recent years. Developers love cross-platform solution because it is economical and time-saving. It also offers multiple benefits such as code reusability, native UI, multiple platform compatibility, API access, and high performance. In our new blog post, we will point out for you how cross-platform solutions benefit health care app development as well as how we used Flutter to build a Healthcare app for our client.  How cross-platform solution benefits Healthcare App development A health care app often processes a very large amount of data including personal, financial data, and healthcare records. The data is also accessed by a […]

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How BHSOFT utilized Three.js to build a 3D virtual event booth

The recent pandemic has given a boost to the popularity of 3d virtual event booths. Events such as business conferences, trade shows, and campus admission tours are looking for a solution that doesn’t require face-to-face meetings. That is when 3D virtual booths come in handy. 3D virtual event booths allow vendors and visitors to interact with each other effectively and economically. At BHSOFT, we have our own solution for web-based virtual trade shows. We are highly experienced with 3D modeling, animation, CMS, and data collection for 3D projects. This article will show how we utilized Three.js and WebGL to create and render a 3D virtual booth for our client. First […]

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Why Django is the best Python Framework

Django a python framework At the beginning of a project, choosing a language is crucial. Instead of choosing a language that you are familiar with, you should evaluate and decide what suits your project the most. You also need to identify your goals and what you prioritize: Fast development, security, scalability, or support from a big community. BHSOFT can help you with that whole lot of work. Our experienced team can help you develop your project based on your exact requirements.  After years of experience with a diversity of technologies, we have found that Django is one of the best frameworks which suits both mobile and web development.   Django is […]

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React Native 0.64: What you should know about Hermes

  Hermes is an open-source JavaScript engine that is favored by many React Native developers. As one of the top React Native Development companies in Vietnam, BHSOFT also uses Hermes in many of our projects. In our new article, we will explain the benefits of using this opt-in React Native feature as well as how to enable it in your project. Advantages of using Hermes for your React Native Apps   Hermes was introduced on July 11th, 2019 as a JavaScript engine running on React Native. It was internally used by Facebook before it became open source. Nowadays Hermes is an open-source JavaScript engine optimized for React Native. Hermes helps […]

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What’s new in Flutter 2

We all know how productive Flutter is when it comes to building apps on iOS and Android platforms. However, Flutter 2, which has been released on March 3rd, will even surprise you more. BHSOFT will provide you with some new updates on Flutter 2’s new features. But first, let’s have a review on what developers love about Flutter. What’s so good about Flutter? Flutter is fast One of the greatest features of Flutter is the hot reload feature. Hot reload loads code changes into the Dart Virtual Machine and re-builds the widget tree, allowing you to instantly view the changes result while still keeping the current application state. Flutter is open […]

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Node.js vs Golang

  What is Node.js? Node.js is an open-source server framework. Node is Javascript-based and it can run across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix. Node.js is good for building real-time web applications, server-side as well as networking applications.   Big brands using Node What is Golang? Go, also known as Golang, is an open-source programming language that was first introduced by Google in 2009. Go was developed to solve the most common problems during that time. Go is cross-platform, highly efficient, super-fast, and solves multiple purposes for backend development. Go stands among the most popular languages, besides React, Java, C#, and Python.    Big brands using Go […]

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