An interview about the BHSoft’s software project

An interview about the BHSoft’s software project.

The information technology industry is expansion and development, in which the mobile application development industry is one of the industries attracting high interest and demand. Interview with Mr Pham The Duy, head of mobile application development at BHSoft, we have shared about mobile application development projects and more knowledge around the formation and development of applications.

  1. Hello, thank you for the interview today. As the head of mobile application development at BHSoft, you have developed many projects on mobile application development, which project you impress the most and how long the project is implemented?

Mobile application development at BHSoft has done a lot of projects, most of the recent projects are based on the React Native platform, running on both iOS and Android. One of the projects that left me most impressed was the first project the company made on this technology. The project is used for a hotel, giving the application a lot of utilities such as help customers rest there can view the menu and order directly in the hotel; view nearby tourist spots; special promotions or programs, or talk directly with the receptionist about questions. The project was implemented in 3 months, 12 man-months, including Backend, Web Admin, Mobile.

  1. Certainly, at the beginning of the project, customers always make the initial requirements, so the department has the strategy as to meet the requirements from the customer?

The highest priority is always the need to understand and accurately requests from customers for the project. In the early time, the department always spends time analyzing and communicating with customers to answer all the possible questions, recognizing the difficulties that may occur in the implementation. During the implementation time, the two sides always have the exchange, trying to find solutions, propose solutions suitable for customers, thereby saving both time and money for project development.

  1. As far as I know, customers are foreign partners, so how to communicate and exchange with customers while there is a difference in time zone between the two sides?

For European or Asian customers, the time zone difference is not very common and often during the work, the development department is always ready to exchange at any time with customers. However, with customers in the US, the difference is quite large, often need to agree on the exchange time not too late with the customer nor too early with office hours. At that time, the project team leader communicates directly with the customer if they need to communicate over the phone and then communicate with the group. It is also possible to exchange chat tools with customers continuously, ensuring the progress of the project.

  1. During the implementation, how did you set up the workflow and respond to the changes from the partner?

In order to be able to successfully complete the project, it is necessary to establish clear working procedures (roles and responsibilities) between the two parties and between the team members at the request of the client. In day-to-day development, most small project teams will rotate around team leaders/project leaders to clarify requirements, review code. Team leaders are given specific responsibilities and are also accountable to their members as well as to their code. The coding process is well laid out to minimize errors, and almost all errors occur only when the customer’s requirements are not understood.

The key to identifying key customer changes starts with clarifying the requirements at the beginning of the project. The more clearly defined requirements/constraints, the more developed the department will be in determining which changes are specific to which scope to continue validation and development.

  1. In order to write a software, there are a lot of technologies used, so what are the technologies you use in your project? What are the advantages of these technologies?

Mobile application development is the main technology development React, has the advantage of clear component separation, integration of modules, specific data stream. Also, React Native largely based on it also runs on two major operating systems on the mobile iOS and Android should be able to apply on many platforms with the same code.

  1. During the implementation of the project will have difficulties, he and other brothers in the department have solutions to overcome such difficulties?

As soon as faced with challenges and difficulties, the department always informs customers promptly, exchanges and confirm the solution to suit the customer and proceed immediately, to avoid unnecessary damage.


Mr. Pham The Duy has talked about a project, the formation and development of the mobile application that shows the implementation process, challenges including difficulties, solutions to solve problems during project implementation. The company’s recently developed mobile applications are based on the highly applicable React platform; The first BHSoft project to use this platform is a project providing utilities at a hotel. At the beginning of the project, the department analyzed and understood the customer requirements from which the strategy was implemented. During the implementation process, the clear work process with the partner and the team members is the key to accomplishing the task. Development department immediately overcomes the difficulties and challenges, exchange with customers the implementation plan to complete the project in the best way, saving time and funds for project implementation. Thereby, we can see that, for a project to be completed at BHSoft, the department has set the requirements, the clear work process, the fast response to the challenge. In the process of implementing the same quality human resources and using the software technology optimization, create a software to meet the needs of customers.

Thank you for your interview today, hope that the mobile application development and BHSoft company will be more and more powerful, offering more applications and websites to better serve the needs of customers and the community.