An interview about 3D visualization on the Web at BHSoft

An interview about 3D visualization on the Web at BHSoft

Along with the explosion of the Internet and the revolution in technology 4.0, the number of Internet users is growing with the high demands of users. This requires more and more websites to be developed to meet the needs of users, which require the creation of realistic images, the most accurate and accurate, therefore,  3D technology today is used very popular in website development applications.

We have an interview with Mr. Vu Van Hau, a 3D Visualization software developer on Three.js / WebGL at BHSoft to share the development of 3D visualization on the Website.

  1. Hello, thank you very much for the interview today. As a 3D Visualization software developer on the website, can you introduce your work?

Hello, I am very happy to attend the interview today. Currently, I am a 3D Visualization software developer on the Website at BHSoft. My job is to use support tools and libraries to perform 3D model data analysis, display, interact with 3D models on the web. In addition, I have managed models and other related data. In my opinion, this is a new, interesting and highly applicable job.

  1. “3D Visualization by Three.js / WebGL for engineering models in the Web” is a fairly new concept for many people. Can you explain more about these terms to help more people visualize your work and these technology platforms?

It is true that this is a work and the concept of “3D Visualization by Three.js / WebGL for engineering models in the Web” is quite new to many people, however, you are interested and passionate about information technology can learn about this concept and work.

  • WebGL (Web Graphics Library): A graphics library used to display, interact with 2D and 3D graphics on any compatible browser without the need for plug-ins. WebGL is fully integrated with other web standards.
  • Three.js: Is a multi-browser Javascript library and is an application programming interface that provides the creation, display, and animation of 3D computer graphics on the web. Three.js uses WebGL, simplifying WebGL operations.
  • Create a simple 3D display layout with Three.js needs at least components:
  • A camera shows the presence of an object from an angle or orthogonal view.
  • A scene is a stage to place objects.
  • A renderer to display the entire scene using WebGL.
  • One or several objects to render.
  • One or several light sources (optional).

A simple simulation of the 3D display.

  • To build “3D Visualization by Three.js / WebGL for engineering models in the Web” Combining the construction of ordinary websites with the use and interaction with HTML canvas tags. You should be familiar with the Javascript language and maybe a bit of GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) language.
  1. When starting the project, accepting the work assigned to the head of the department, how do you have strategies to meet the project requirements and get the job done?

After receiving the job assigned by the head of the department, to meet the project requirements and complete the work, I built the following workflow process:

  • Always read carefully, understand and accurately request from department heads and customers. If any problems or confusing issues will be discussed in detail, identify the issues raised with the head of the department to be able to understand and resolve the requirements.
  • Once I understand the requirements, I will perform and complete the work within the specified time. In the course of implementation, if there are problems or problems, I will learn and exchange technical Technical Leader and requirements with PM / TL requirements to find the best solution.
  • In the process of finalizing products, I always review and ensure to bring the best products to customers and meet the requirements of customers, not to make mistakes possible.
  • In addition, I constantly study and cultivate knowledge related to the field of work, especially updating new knowledge and technology to apply and improve the quality of work.


  1. In a project, the leader will assign each person’s tasks with different tasks and roles, so what is the role in your project? How is his work connected to other members of the team?

In order to be able to complete the project, the head of the department will rely on the role and position to assign the most accurate tasks, thus being able to complete the best work. My main position in the project is the display, interacting with the web-based model (front-end), but when necessary, I can also work with processing, storage, manipulation. with model data (back-end). A 3D project often has a small number of participants, the work of members is closely related. Therefore, the members always support, interact, exchange with each other a lot in their work to complete a project in the most successful way.

  1. Information technology is growing, so there are support software tools that are created to help get things done faster and more efficiently than older technologies. What are the advantages of these new technologies that are more advanced than older software technologies?

Before the advent of WebGL / Three.js technology, 3D models previously could only view, display and interact on Desktop software by installing graphics software (usually relatively heavy) and always require computers with microprocessors as well as good graphics chips. The use to share models is also quite difficult and requires those who want to use must install graphics software as well as high requirements on computers. The use of 3D technology on the web helps sharing the above models is not too difficult and no longer requires a computer with a graphics chip is too high (but should also be at a usable level).

“3D Visualization by Three.js / WebGL for engineering models in the Web” has many advantages with the benefits of using these two graphics libraries.

Benefits of Three.js Development

  • Being great idea for innovative and interactive web page development
  • Multiple advanced rendering controls such as Post-Processing, multi pass rendering, and deferred rendering.
  • Open Sources and extensions such as THREEx

Three.js/WebGL Development Service

  • 3D Model in Web Browser using WebGL and Three.js
  • 3D Web application using WebGL/HTML5/CSS
  • Model visualization and scene creation applications
  • VR Application using Three.js

  1. Surely, while doing the job, he encountered some difficulties and challenges, so what are the difficulties and challenges? What strategies did you have to solve those difficulties?

You know, in work, there can be difficulties and challenges from both subjective and objective. And particular to a new industry is quite new, I have encountered some difficulties in the process of working.

  • This is a job that requires a lot of knowledge. You want to do this job, you must have knowledge of Web programming and computer graphics knowledge. The amount of knowledge you can accomplish this task is quite a lot compared to simple programming tasks.
  • Information technology is always developing and innovating every day which requires a thorough grasp of previous basic knowledge and cultivating, learning new knowledge to be able to apply and complete work. However, because this is a new industry, with very new requirements and knowledge, there are very few information and references on the Internet with little information.
  • This is a relatively new job and the human resource of this industry is not much. When faced with modern technologies, it is necessary for members of the same discipline to discuss and learn together, therefore, it is not possible to solve the problem in a timely and thorough manner.
  • For myself, this is a job with many new things, the time of contact with the knowledge and working skills is not long enough to be able to understand deeply so need to learn and cultivate more.

Solution: In order to overcome difficulties and complete the most optimal work, I also set out and implemented effective solutions at work:

  • Cultivate yourself the knowledge and skills on common problems; must explore, self-study, explore to be able to equip themselves with knowledge for work.
  • Closely link, communicate regularly with other members of the team to ensure the progress of work seamlessly, smoothly, quickly solve problems and difficulties encountered.
  1. The working environment has a great impact on work performance. So can you share more about how the working environment at BHSoft has impacted on your work performance?

BHSoft is the working environment I think is quite good. In this environment, I have a lot of knowledge and practical experiences at work. The work execution process is clearly and coherently set with a certain time to complete the work. Here, the brothers and sisters who go ahead with their experiences are always dedicated to instructing, the colleagues are active, sociable, happy to create a comfortable atmosphere when working. With the help of my colleagues, I completed the job more quickly and efficiently. The company always has rewarding policies and programs to connect members such as parties, overtime activities … to create a solid and effective working environment.

Mr. Vu Van Hau has shared a new and interesting field in the information technology industry that is building the 3D visual model on the Web platform. The job is to use support tools and libraries to perform 3D model data analysis, display, interact with 3D models on the web and also manage models and other related data. As a rather new concept for many people, Mr. Vu Van Hau helped us better understand by explaining the support tools and libraries such as WebGL, Three.js, especially how to create a display layout Simple 3D. In a project, the role and position is the display component, interacting with the web-based model (front-end), but when necessary, I can also work with the processing, storage, manipulate model data (back-end). A 3D project usually does not have many participants, but the members all have an important role, connecting directly with each other so there is always exchange and interaction to help a successful project. When receiving the assigned job, the most important thing is to read and understand the job requirements carefully, in the process of work, there are problems or problems that need to be discussed directly with colleagues and project leaders. With the development of modern science and technology, new technologies are born with outstanding advantages over old technology, making it easier and more realistic to sketch 3D visual models on the Web. However, because technology is constantly evolving, people need to update new knowledge with a knowledge base both in web programming and computer graphics. As a new industry, the data warehouse on the Internet is not much and available, so it must be explored on many different sources. In addition, human resources in the industry are not much, the number of people with deep knowledge in the field is very low and the opportunity for intensive contact when wanting to exchange. As a new field, time to learn and contact is not much, there is a large volume and constantly updating knowledge that requires those who do the work to always explore, learn, cultivate for I have known about work, overcome difficulties and challenges at work. Mr. Vu Van Hau also shared one of the things that helped him get a better job thanks to his working environment and colleagues at BHSoft. BHSoft with a dynamic and creative working environment and happy, dedicated colleagues helped better work performance, helping to complete jobs more quickly and efficiently. Along with the rapid development of information technology, it is the learning and learning for new technologies of software employees and the positive working environment that creates products to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Thank you very much for the interview today. Hopefully, you will have more knowledge and skills to serve the job. BHSoft’s projects when using 3D visual software will best accomplish the work and meet the needs of customers as well as develop with the IT industry to achieve better achievements.

A real 3D development with Three.JS at BHSoft

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